Support Network for Families of Western Massachusetts

Support Network
Pauline, Margery, Gretchen and Nichole at a recent PAL meeting

Children with behavioral or emotional difficulties have their own unique needs. The Support Network works to support the needs of families in Western Massachusetts who have a child age 19 or younger with behavioral or emotional difficulties. Each family determines its own needs.  The Network’s mission is to support the unique strengths, insights and skills of families so they may best achieve their individual goals.

Through one-to-one contacts, parent meetings and participation in workshops and conferences, the Support Network for Families provides:

Support- sharing experiences in a nonjudgmental setting of trust and acceptance
Advocacy- supporting and empowering families in their advocacy efforts through education and training
Resources- providing information about community programs and services
Networking- developing a collaborative relationship with professionals as well as other parents in the community.

Families who are part of the Network:
•    Become connected with other families in ways that help reduce feelings of aloneness and isolation
•    Learn ways to reach their goals
•    Participant in support meetings
•    Attend local, state and regional conferences and workshops (the Network helps with costs)
•    Meet with state and federal legislators to discuss health care, health insurance, managed care issues, education issues, respite care concerns and service needs.
•    Participate in Department of Mental Health area and state advisory boards and committees.